Hotels in Pailin

Bamboo Hotel Resort and Restaurant, Pailin

Best value for money accommodation in Pailin with rooms and bungalows at 12 / 15 and 30 $, the Bamboo Guest House is said to have the best restaurant in town and provides a swimming pool.
Tel: 012405818 /  016600722 / 0556300722
email: restaurant.bamboo<AT SIGN COMES HERE>

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Kim Young Heng Guest House

The Kim Young Heng Guest House is one of the oldest hotel in Pailin and is located right inside the Pailin Central Market.  

Number: 016 72 73 43 - 016 58 58 45 - 016 25 84 96

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Pailin Ruby Guest House Hotel

The Ruby Guesthouse is a budget accommodation. Perfectly located right at the center of Pailin it offers rooms from 6 to 16 $, fan or air-conditioned, it is the favorite hotel for short term business and leisure travellers. 
Phone: 0977474933 / 016477933 / 0556666668
Email: yet to be provided but most clients walk-in without reservation. 

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Pailin City Hotel, Business Hotel

Opened in 2016 the Pailin City Hotel is a family owned business hotel with comfortable rooms and affordable prices. 

Phone Number: 055 623 5555 / 093 356454 / 017767 706
Email: pailincity_hotel<a symbol comes here>

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Located a hadful of kilomerters from Pailin City center the Memoria Palace is a luxury resort that strives to reach international standards of service within a beautifully arranged property. Rooms and suites are 40 / 60 and 90$ per night including breakfast. 
Phone: 015430014 / 015430013
Email: operations<The AT Sign comes here>

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Pailin City Business Hotel

Opened in late 2016 the Sorphea Meas is a delight for the eye boasting luxurious wood carvings and furniture, a panoramic terrace and very affordable prices starting from 15$ for Superior and up to 35$ for a Suite or Honey Moon room. Also featured are Twin rooms at 25$ and Triple rooms at 30$. 

Phone Number: 055 63 63 500 / 069 834 567 / 089 834 567
Email: info<a symbol comes here>

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