Bamboo Bungalow Guest House

Bamboo Hotel Resort and Restaurant, Pailin

Best value for money accommodation in Pailin with rooms and bungalows at 12 / 15 and 30 $, the Bamboo Guest House is said to have the best restaurant in town and provides a swimming pool.
Tel: 012405818 /  016600722 / 0556300722
email: restaurant.bamboo<AT SIGN COMES HERE>

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Located in the outskirts of Pailin on the Way to Prum and Thailand, the Bamboo Bungalow Resort is one of the oldest institution in Pailin. Staying at the Bamboo means that you will have to commute to Pailin city and the hotel staff will arrange unexpensive transportation when you require it. It is a calm and peaceful area but don't expect to walk out and find attractions at the doorstep. 

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Service and fixtures are very local but the senior personel speaks enough english to accommodate the international clientele. 

40 rooms and wooden bungalows in a tightly manucured garden,

A wide choice Khmer and Thai menu with reasonable prices,

Decent wine section,

A medium size conference room,

Free wifi, 

A simple swimming pool for hotel guests (photos were taken a couple of wekks before the pool completion)

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