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Origin of the name PAILIN:

Legend has it that the word Pailin came from "Phê Léng". 

During the 19th century, a hunter chased after wild animals to Pailin, once called "the thick forest". 

At that time, he saw otters swimming by chance. 

The otters had run away when he arrived there. He approached their swimming place and he saw bright small stones. He picked them up to show his relatives. 

When he returned home, the villagers of the Cola tribe, who lived in the Pailin area and often went to the Chanthaburi Province in Thailand, nothed that these valuable stones could be polished to become high quality gemstones. 

Therefore, they gathered to ask and buy the stones from him. 

They often visited teh Phê Léng site. The Siamese pronounced these words in Siam, "Phé Len". 

Afterwards, the residents called Phé Len "Pailin" until now. 


Interesting Facts about the Pailin Province: 

 Pailin is one of the smallest and the most western located province in Cambodia. 

Located 371Km away from Phnom Penh and about the same distance from Bangkok, along the National 5 and 57 Roads, 80Km from Battambang, Pailin is bordered by the Battambang's and Thailand's border to the east and the west.   

The Pailin Province covers an area of 1,062 square kilometers. 

Pailin consists  in 1 municipality and 1 district. 

The Pailin Municipality has 4 communes and 79 villages. Pailin has a population of 71,000 inhabitants and its density is 66 inhabitants per square kilometer. 

Pailin includes various ethnic groups such as Cham, Chinese, Thai  and Vietnamese among others. 

The driving industries of the Pailin Province are farming due to its climate, import and export thanks to its border with Thailand, local tourism and of course ruby and sapphire mining, lapidary and trade.




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