The Phnom Yat Temple, Pailin's Historical Landmark

The Phnom Yat Historical site has a verdant mountain which boastas varieties of evergreen trees. This mountain covered by large rocks and ancient mine pits. On the top one can find the Cholamony Stuppas and the Phnom Yat Hermitage overlooking the lovely Pailin Valley. 

The History of Phnom Yat: 

Built by Shan migrants from Myanmar in 1922, the Wat Phnom Yat is a holy place for worship in the heart of Pailin. It includes an old pagoda, similar to the Kola pagoda. 

Wat Rattanak Sophoan

At the foot of Phnom Yat is another pagoda, the Wat Rattanak Sophoan. On the walls of the enclosure surrounding the pagoda is a bas-relief depicting the Hindu saga of the churning of the Ocean of Milk.

Legend has it that there was a couple named Yat whose activity was mining in the Pailin area. 

When they got older they started practicing meditation at the top of the hill now called Yat. 

At that time, Pailin residents often took their rough gems to Siam, Rubies, Sapphire, Garnet and Zircon, and made a good income that allowed them to improve their daily lives and even arm themselves and fortify their dwellings. 

The regular increase of population in the region inevitably increased the hunting activity and the animals started to complain, and the spirits started to be disturbed. 

One day the spirits of the forest took human form and went to meet the Yat couple who had long come to be greatly respected throughout the region. 

They asked them to make the hunters stop to hunt and fire weapons throughout the forest. They would in exchange show them where to find the most beautiful and valuable gems so they could become rich and farm rather than hunt. They also requested that a pagoda be built on top of the hill so that peacock could be played on holy days. 

The elderly couple shared this knowledge with the residents of the region that then strived to become one of the most beautiful and quiet site in Cambodia.